29 low calorie breakfast ideas for weight loss

29 Low calorie breakfast ideas for weight loss

Low calorie breakfast is essential to losing weight or making healthier food choices in the morning. It’s time to fuel your body with delicious, filling food so you can conquer the day.

We’ve compiled a list of 29 low calorie breakfast ideas for weight loss to get you started.

Some are convenient for the on-the-go, others are high in protein and fibre, and the majority are under 100 or 200 calories.

These filling low calorie breakfasts will inspire you.

Low calorie breakfast has the advantage of kicking off your day with a burst of flavor and energy that gets your day off to a good start.

However, it is challenging to find the time to eat a healthy low calorie breakfast that is good for you, as only some people have a lot of time in the morning to make healthy morning meals as they rush out the door.

That’s where our low calorie healthy breakfast recipes come in, as they’ll help you stick to your health goals without wasting too much time. We promise they’re all simple to make!

Low calorie breakfast can set the initial way for the rest of the day, especially when trying to lose any weight.

The wrong kind of food can increase your cravings, and also it can set you up for failure before the day begins.

Filling up on the correct type of foods, on the other hand, can curb cravings and keep you feeling full until lunchtime, reducing snacking and easing weight loss.


List of 29 low calorie breakfast ideas for weight loss


1. Egg and cheese sandwiches

Few things beat an egg and cheese on a warm English muffin in the morning. We especially like how these sneak in some veggies and whole grains and how easily they can be meal-prepped and frozen to have on hand at all times.


2. Smoothie with Apple Crisp

This fall favorite is a quick breakfast with protein from Greek yogurt and whole grains from old-fashioned rolled oats. Seasonally substitute your favorite fresh fruit for a new flavor all year.


3. Dutch Baby with Roasted Mushrooms and Bacon

This breakfast dish is a true luxury, thanks to the cheesy cheddar, meaty mushrooms, bacon, and fluffy dough. Serve it with eggs to feed a larger group while increasing protein content.


4. Blueberry Smoothie

Bowl Protein powder sneaks in to add extra nutrients to this luscious smoothie. You can top it however you want, but we like fresh fruit, granola, and sliced almond for the perfect crunchy texture.


5. Savory Corn Waffles With Tomato-Herb Salad

This fresh salad, decadent yogurt dressing, and crispy corn waffle will brighten your morning. We like to top it with a fried egg or add a scoop of unflavored protein powder for extra protein.


6. Greek Yogurt with Turkish Eggs

Greek yogurt and eggs are high in protein for breakfast. The dill, garlic, Aleppo pepper, and cumin seeds add a flavorful lift to this breakfast that will make you forget you ever ate sweet yogurt for breakfast.


7. Spinach and Goat Cheese Egg Muffins

Make these cute egg muffins ahead of time for a week of filling and healthy breakfasts. Use this recipe as a foundation, and add your favorite veggie and cheese fillings to spice things up.


8. Banana-Peanut Butter Pancakes

Add creamy peanut butter, a ripe banana, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder to your favorite pancake mix. It only takes 15 minutes and is a family favorite.


9. Egg Tacos on a Sheet Pan

Breakfast tacos are delicious, but when you want to make something other than individual tacos for the whole family, this sheet pan version comes in handy. The cheesy, runny eggs complement the zesty homemade tomatillo salsa perfectly.


10. Pudding with Blood Oranges and Coconut Chia

Prepare these cups of breakfast goodness for a week of nutritious meals. We love the creamy texture coconut milk adds to the spoon, and the freshly squeezed juice is a game-changer.


11. Baked Almond-Berry French Toast

This easy French toast recipe is ideal for making ahead of time for busy weekdays or as the star of a weekend breakfast. To make this recipe beyond summer berries, combine any fruit you have on hand.


12. Millet Strawberry-Thyme Bowl

Give oatmeal a rest and replace it with millet for breakfast. It’s easy to make, has a lovely sweet and savory balance, and adds variety to your morning meal.


13. The Best Shakshuka Ever

If you like poached eggs, you’ll love these poached eggs in a herby tomato sauce. The simple sauce poaches the eggs in decadent flavors and creates the perfect bite.


14. Sunny-side-up pizza for Healthy Breakfast

Pizza can not only be a healthy addition to your diet, but it can also be a healthy breakfast! Top your dough with spinach, cheese, ham, and eggs for a high-protein breakfast.


15. Muffins with Berry-Quinoa Filling

Using almond flour, white quinoa, and whole-milk yogurt in these muffins results in a protein-packed bite with fewer carbs than you might expect. You can also substitute any fruit you have on hand for the berries.


16. Baked Spinach and Tomato Eggs

Canned tomatoes, onion, baby spinach, spices, and creamy feta combine to make the ideal bed for poaching an egg. It’s a deliciously protein-packed breakfast that’s simple to toss into a small ramekin and bake.


17. Whipped Feta and Watermelon Radishes Toast

This toast looks almost too good to eat! Serve it with eggs for the ideal breakfast plate.


18. Crispy Curry-Avocado Egg Toast

Sure, eggs and avocado toast are a quick and easy breakfast option. But add some curry powder to your fried egg, and you’ve got yourself an instant breakfast treat.


19. Tacos with Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast tacos are one of the most delicious breakfast options, but add baby spinach and spiced beans for a fibre and protein-rich dish.


20. Eggs

Eggs are a true nutritional powerhouse, high in protein and packed with essential vitamins and minerals like selenium and riboflavin. There are numerous ways to prepare eggs, ranging from boiled to scrambled to sunny-side-up.


21. Bananas

Bananas are high in fibre, and in low calorie, which can help you feel fuller for longer. Unripe bananas contain resistant starch, which may aid in healthy weight loss and belly fat reduction.


22. Smoothies for Healthy Breakfast

Smoothies can be a really convenient way to increase your fibre and protein intake, which can help you lose weight and reduce hunger. Only a few high-calorie ingredients should be used.


23. Grapefruits

Grapefruits have a high water content, a low-calorie count, and a high fibre content. According to research, they may aid in healthy weight loss by low calorie intake and body fat.


24. Coffee

Dark coffee is very low calorie drink. Coffee has shown to increase metabolism and fat loss. Coffee consumption over time may also aid in weight loss.


25. Kiwis

Kiwis are high in fibre, particularly pectin, which may aid in weight loss. The Kiwi fruit also acts as a natural laxative, reducing water weight temporarily.


26. Herbal Supplement Frittata

This frittata is extra fresh and wow-worthy thanks to the addition of parsley, dill, cilantro, scallions, and chives. It’s delicious with a touch of crème fraîche on top.


27. Avocado Cheesy Omelette

Make plain old eggs exciting again with onion, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and avocado—the refreshing salad complements the cheesy omelette perfectly for the best bite.


28. Burritos for Healthy Breakfast

Make delicious breakfast burritos ahead of time, customize them with your favorite ingredients, and freeze them for quick on-the-go breakfasts whenever you need them.


29. Garlicky Greens with Sunny-Side-Up Eggs for Healthy breakfast

For the base of this delicious dish, cook any greens you have on hand with some garlic and grape tomatoes. Then top with your perfectly fried egg for a high-protein, high-fiber meal.



Starting your day with the right foot and with the right food can make or break your weight loss efforts!

Eating healthy low calorie breakfast foods can help you control your cravings and stay on track with your healthy weight loss goals.

Remember that a low calorie healthy breakfast is the beginning of a weight-loss diet. Fill your diet with healthy, nutritious whole foods throughout the day to improve your health and aid in healthy weight loss.

Health is more than a number on a scale or the size of your body. Before making significant lifestyle changes, consult your nutritionist about a healthy low calorie breakfast meal.

The coaches can design a program tailored to your body, medical history, and lifestyle using CGM-based monitoring.

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